Aric Sunali


Average height but a stocky build, Aric’s body language does not put people at ease. His clothing is not stylish but plain and durable. He favors jeans and a thick coat over dress pants and loafers. His hair is thick and dark brown, cut short and only barely tamed. A slight bulge near his left shoulder suggests he always carries a gun, and the thick boots hint at a rougher life.

He is clearly someone accustomed to violence but his demeanor suggests a recent transition to a quieter profession. Though he makes a great effort to appear at ease and welcoming, a certain amount of nervousness hints as a pressure to produce results.


It has come to light that Aric is the Director of Human Resources at the Broadsby Group. In that position, he has been funneling millions of Trust into unknown illicit operations.


He first approached the party with an offer of employment contingent on a “trial run:” eliminating a nest of Degenerates in a ruined industrial facility a little less than half a day from town. He offered the group 8,000 Trust plus a good faith kicker of an additional 1,000. 1,500 would be provided up-front with the rest contingent on the delivery of a DNA sample from the Degenerate leader.

Kairess discovered that the town was offering a reward of 10,000 Trust for the job, but the group elected to go along with Aric’s offer as the next job would undoubtedly pay more than the 2,000 he was skimming.

He later told them that Kaptha’s Regulators, offshoots of the notorious Golden Eagles, had been hired to retrieve a small safe for his employers. Once they had succeeded, they decided to hold it for ransom rather than complete their contract. The group was asked to recover this safe intact or, failing this, the safe’s contents. They would be paid 15,000 Trust, plus a 2,000 Trust bonus for each confirmed kill of a member of Kaptha’s Regulators. Though Aric didn’t know where to find them, he did know that they had contacts in Gehon, which is why the meetings needed to be conducted secretly. If the contacts got wind of the group’s mission, any leads would quickly dry up.

Aric Sunali

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