Eva Lawson


Matriarch of the Lawson family, Eva is a kind and welcoming person, always quick with a complement and smile for those around her. The few that have mistaken compassion for weakness found themselves pariahs and soon found it expedient to leave the area.

An athletic, prim, elderly woman prone to a conservative and well-tailored wardrobe, Eva is everyone’s kindly grandmother. She never curses or raises her voice and seems genuinely surprised when others do so in her presence. Even the harshest wastelander finds himself staring at his boots in embarrassment before long.

For a family that has its hands in everyone’s pockets, Eva’s business mentality is surprisingly simple: “Help me help you.” Those who play the game find that the Lawson goodwill makes life substantially easier. Those who don’t invariably decide to pursue business in Montemosa or Pueblo Junta.

Eva Lawson

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