Germaine Vasilich


Head of the local hospital and a talented Med in her own right, Germaine Vasilich is a humorless middle-aged woman with numerous facial scars. She keeps her dark brown hair tightly pulled back at all times and is never without a handgun on her hip. When she does deign to speak, her soprano voice carries a heavy Russian accent.

Though she demonstrates an eagerness to help the injured and needy, Germaine regularly refuses service to the reckless and foolhardy. She, and consequently the hospital, charge those who go out of their way to fecklessly throw themselves into danger upwards of 1,000 Trust per hour of care and then only do enough to keep them from dying. Residents and the poor get substantially higher levels of treatment for far less.

Few people have cracked Germaine’s shell and she certainly isn’t going out of her way to make it easy. Her tendency to begin fingering the butt of her Mantis Punisher when someone starts asking too many questions generally makes the curious much less so. More observant people will note that her scars were the result of battlefield surgery and that her eyes are obviously cybernetic.

Germaine Vasilich

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