Tall and commanding, her long ashen hair and obsidian skin lend her an otherworldly beauty that has captured the hearts of several resident artists. Her immense leathery wings, mirrored eyes, and nine-foot stature clearly mark her as a Nephilim, though the form-fitting gowns she favors lend her a quixotic air of humanity.

As the governmental head of Gehon, Mae-Nagen entertains important visitors, oversees vital affairs, and does what she can to ensure the safety of the residents. When it becomes necessary to hire mercenaries to destroy persistent raiders, she is the one who awards the contract. When a merchant is found to be trafficking in illicit or dangerous goods, she decides the punishment. Though stern and remorseless at times, she rules fairly and decisively. This has brought her at odds with Syndicates and other groups looking to exploit the town’s strategic location. If any have attempted to remove her from office, their efforts have never come to light.

When possible, she walks through the markets to observe the comings and goings of residents and travelers alike, though she never offers an explanation for this habit. During festivals, her husky, resonant voice can be frequently heard as she enthusiastically joins in the celebration. At other times, her mood varies between terse and guarded, making her impossible to get close to.


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