Xavier Lawson


As Eva’s eldest son and heir to the Lawson empire, Xavier carries himself with immense hubris and pretension. Never without an impeccable haircut, designer suit, and beautiful woman, the middle-aged man oozes opulence. His personal car alone could finance a squad of mercs for years, to say nothing about his palatial house.

The Lawsons own or have a stake in virtually every business in Gehon that’s worth anything, and Xavier manages it all. Any business owner looking to expand into a better location or even just establish themselves does so only at his sufferance. Those not willing to kiss the ring and show the proper deference find it hard to make a living in town.

Xavier’s attitude toward business and the town’s residents is a frequent source of friction with Mae-Nagen. Though neither is openly antagonistic, the coldness between the two is unmistakable. Only under the most dire circumstances will the two appear in public together.

Xavier Lawson

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