A Necrosi of average height and slender build, Zelar is something of a mystery. His life in New Denver has given him several human affectations, including an inexplicable Bronx accent and love of cured meats. He keeps his hair cropped close, has no facial hair, and likes to wear comfortable clothing. Those who think him dim or weak have quickly learned the he has a long memory and holds a mental list of everyone “who’s got it coming.” On the flip side, he also remembers every favor owed by or to him and is always willing to help a friend in need.

He runs a business “recycling” electronics that get “lost” in New Denver. There isn’t much he can’t eventually get his hands on, if the price is right.


Zelar smuggled the group out of New Denver when the authorities were looking to arrest them for a massive act of bioterrorism. In exchange, they agreed to owe him a favor to be collected at a later date. He also gave them clean P-Comms and destroyed their old ones.


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