Session 1 - June 11th, 2261
Fortune's Fools

The group arrived, somewhat weary, to the town of Gehon. Acquiring a stained, damaged, but adequate room at the Roeke Hotel, they rested while Astarte tried fruitlessly to find employment. Clearly, the rumors about Gehon were somewhat exaggerated. When Kairess Harper could do little better, they took the meager information they had gleaned and set to tracking down the leads.

On the way, Astarte and Nikola Maxwell Gauss found that they were being inexpertly tailed by a stocky man in a long coat. He tailed the group to a local automat, Food Frontier, though he left quickly when he saw what Atrevan Guul was ordering. Nik tried to slip out the door and follow him, but a bratty teenager called too much attention to him. More curious than cautious, Nik approached the stranger and struck up a conversation.

Session 2 - June 13th, 2261
First Flush of Vidtory

After nearly eating Nik, the rot hound was finally brought down the the group and disintegrated by Atrevan. The rest of the degenerates were picked off by Astarte after Atrevan burrowed a sniper hole in the ceramacrete for her.

Nik bashed his way into the lone intact building with pure kinetic force, cracking the door and sending the pieces bouncing into the otherwise empty room. The walls and floor showed heavy scorching and the ceramacrete was pitted and gouged from some heavy fire damage. Only a small semicircle near the southern door remained undamaged. The western door was mangled but not nearly to the same degree as the now-broken eastern one. Using his handy prybar, Nik was eventually able to force the door open.

Session 3 - June 15th, 2261
Jeremy's Lament

With a monumental task before them, the group decided to avail themselves of the excellent information accessible from the town’s Net. Since he didn’t need any refresher courses, Atrevan decided to hit the streets and see what he could turn up about Kaptha’s Regulators. After a few false leads, Atrevan asked one too many question and got roughed up by a crude and heavily-muscled thug. After it became clear that Atrevan would not defend himself, the thug snorted and walked away.

Session 4 - June 19th, 2261
Voidwalker's Ballet

With Jeremy safely home and beginning to recover from the Veg, the party took a break and the fleshies grabbed some sleep. The next morning, Astarte, Nik, and Atrevan combed the Net for any information they could turn up on Ernest. After a few hours of searching, Astarte managed to find his home address, but little other information was publicly available.

Kairess quickly came to the conclusion that a little surveillance would give the group ideas on how Ernest could be squeezed for information. Nik and Astarte mounted a quick recon op, but once they approached the address, things began to go sideways. Rather than the lower-middle class house they expected to find, Ernest had a small fortified compound on the otherwise tranquil, tree-lined boulevard. Two heavily armed and armored sentries were stationed on the fortified roof, watching over two young children playing in the front yard. The walls looked reinforced and all the approaches were cleared of concealment.

Session 5 - June 21st, 2261
Fate's Little Helper

After an uncomfortable afternoon and night, the group’s first order of business was finding a new hotel in case they’d been tracked to their current one. Atrevan was able to locate a place nearby that seemed discreet and inexpensive and Kairess altered his and her appearances to let them slip past any security cameras or witnesses that may otherwise alert security.

Once the move was completed, they sat in the grungy room and debated their next moves. With Atrevan’s face all over the news and no sign of a direction forward, they seemed to be stuck with no way forward. As the debate trailed off, someone knocked on the door. When Nik answered, a frumpy man carrying a crumpled takeout sack told him that his delivery was here. When he told the man he was mistaken, he looked over Nik’s shoulder, hefted the sack, and quietly said, “Atrevan will need what’s in here.”

Session 6 - June 25th, 2261
Darkness and Light

Three nights into the waiting, the group is awoken to strange sounds coming from Atrevan’s closet and feel an oily dread skittering across their minds. When they open the door, Atrevan is contorted in pain and suspended four inches off the ground by numerous tendrils of black energy. He feels a numbing, sinister coldness cradling his soul and a deep, purring voice whispers, “Soon, my son. Soon.” As Atrevan’s eyes snap open, the energy is absorbed into his body and he is dropped to the ground. Nik is struck by a sudden dizziness, as if reality rippled and wavered around him, but he is able to shake off the sensation.

Session 7 - June 28th, 2261
Knocking On Heaven's Door

The party continued traveling across the Wilds, alternating between following a dusty riverbed and the ruins of an old road; more than once they skirted around the ruins of former settlements, deeming discretion to be a wiser course than simple curiosity. “Besides, it isn’t like there’s going to be anything that hasn’t been picked over already,” was the chief argument against exploration. The entire time, the tracking beacon remained in place, guiding them toward an isolated area north of Monte Mosa.

Reaching a crossroads, the group chose to diverge from their pursuit of the beacon to fulfill their delivery contract; the night on the way down the road had a tense moment as a patrol vehicle from the nearby city rolled closer; Nik and Astarte attempted to hide to keep an eye on the vehicle while Kairess and Atrevan hid behind it, Atrevan holding his ‘cuddly Koosh ball of despair and gloom’, an Omega Spirit Orb. Astarte narrowly failed to avoid attention, the spotlight on the vehicle bracketing her as the heavy machine gun on the back swung to target her.

Session 8 - July 3rd, 2261
Blood and Thunder

Arriving at an abandoned-seeming military warehouse, the group took stock of the situation, scouting it out from cover a short distance away. Large slabs of concrete, fragmented from the building, provided ample shelter to lurk behind. The visible doorway had been opened up and cleared of debris, some of which lay in rough piles around the area; the group agreed that this seemed a clear trap, and decided that the back of the building needed to be checked out.

Nik crept forward, nearly invisible against the terrain despite his quick pace; he examined the wall, finding it to be deliberately chiseled and worn down to deter climbers – his best effort simply yielded a small shower of pebbles. Astarte joined him shortly thereafter, neither one able to find any purchase; one attempt broke free a fist-sized chunk of the wall rather nosily, just as Atrevan and Kairess hurried forward into cover; Atrevan stumbled in his haste, the noise prompting irritated voices from inside the building complaining about a ‘damned dog’ and it being someone’s turn to check.

Session 9 - July 3rd, 2261
Burning Down The House

In the aftermath of the battle, Kairess quickly focused on restoring Nik to health as Nik took what little energy he had left to restore Astarte to health, before the group turned their attention to the pillar of flame visible inside the warehouse. Kairess took the time to rejuvenate herself and Nik, as well as augmenting their natural abilities with a sense of confidence and calm, then they advanced in, trying to figure out how to bypass the fiery pillar.

Kairess and Nik pooled their abilities, conjuring a sizable bubble of water that poured down, smothering the flames and making them gutter for long enough for Astarte to identify a sizable mass of thermite and magnesium blazing in the bottom of the shaft. Nik pushed himself, summoning a mass of sand to temporarily smother the flames, letting them hurry past as the sand began to glow an ominous red.

Session 10 - July 14th, 2261
Mnemonic Blackout

The crew made their way from the hotel down to the caravan that had hired them; a suspicious-looking family of Russians in a horribly beaten-down Scarab, only one of them spoke English; Nik declined to enlighten them as to his ability to speak their language, preferring to eavesdrop in case they had any unexpected or unwelcome surprises in store for the group. Additionally, a new face turned out to be hired to join the group – a lesser Nephilim by the name of Quinn, the proverbial farmboy come to the city, although unbeknownst to the group there’s a bounty out on him.


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