Once a well-loved, broken down Wolverine, more sealing compound and primer than anything else, Bessie has recently been restored to full functionality. The interior is refurbished grey fabric and new molded plastic. The suspension is now stock and the armor plating is more than foil over sheet metal.

In addition to the standard equipment, it has been equipped with a fourth interior seat and a 6.4 cubic meter cargo pod. When in the Wilds with Nik present, the vehicle typically has a 499 SI Salvation barrier against MK, HVK, and EN in place for 4 hours at a time. (DR 42, cannot be failed.) The bike, as long as it remains with 30m, is outfitted with a similar set of barriers for 199 SI for 4 hours. (DR 44, cannot be failed.)

Bessie’s stats diverge from the listed stats as follows:

Max Velocity: 33 (118.8 km/h)
Max Acceleration Rate: 6
Max Deceleration Rate: 7
Handling Rating: 5

Front: 50 / 15
Back: 30 / 12
Sides: 35 / 12
Top: 30 / 12
Bottom: 15 / 10


DT 4 5 2 4 0
DR 6 8 4 4 0


Wastelanders Kassil