Session 14 - July 24th, 2261

The next morning, the group set out to acquire a Slipstream for Astarte to free up the fourth seat for Neville Bonten, their charge. After loading up some provisions, they set off on the road to Vodamesto as quickly as they could safely drive. Fortunately, the road was in decent repair and they made it there in just under 8 hours. Astarte caught sight of several predatory watching their progress, but the noise and speed of the vehicles seemed to make them unwilling to attack.

Despite Nik and Quinn’s nervousness, the group’s arrival went unremarked by the authorities. Quinn parked Bessie in a centrally-located parking structure and the group spread out to find any indication of where Neville might be.

Nik canvassed a promising coffee shop. Inside, he found it choked with hipsters and pretension. After attempting to ply a couple with pastries and a willingness to listen to their inane drivel, he only came away with the feeling he’d come close to someone who might have been somewhat familiar with Neville’s area of expertise.

He did, however, find a mine foreman who was too giddy to be as discrete as he should have been. With little prompting, he told Nik that the mine had recently come across a rich vein of molybdenum. Though he didn’t say much more, it was clearly a very large windfall for the community.

The others, enjoying a meal at a busy restaurant, came away with much the same information. The tone was one of contained excitement but they overheard scraps of conversation that confirmed Nik’s information. There was no sign or mention of Neville Bonten, however.

Astarte was able to do a sweep for Neville’s name and found him listed as a “Senior Consultant” with the mine. A little more digging showed him living on the Production Tier. Unfortunately, since non-locals aren’t allowed off the Common Tier, that left the group with a large problem.

Canvassing the nearby hotel turned up something useful. For a modest “encouragement fee,” the AI at the desk told them that, Ivan, one of the guards at the northern watchpost, would be amenable to providing them with a travel pass in exchange for a cash donation of 1,200 Trust. His duty shift was overnight, so the group had some time to kill.

At midnight, Kairess and Quinn slipped Ivan the cash and received an 8 hour pass that would get them access to all three tiers. Once Quinn brought Bessie around, they proceeded up to the Production tier, passing unquestioned through two more checkpoints.

The top tier was made up of clusters of heavily industrial buildings billowing soot into the wind and a central portion that was clearly the habitation and administration center. The patrols up here were heavier and more frequent, but they didn’t seem interested in the group.

Astarte dove into the local Net to try to pin down Neville’s exact location. Though the firewalls were quite good, she was able to slip into the mine’s information systems and get Neville’s address and the fact that the door logs indicated he was home. As she backed out of the system, she felt an external probe testing the firewall and assessing its integrity.

With their target located, they parked Bessie behind the apartment building and scrambled to get him before a patrol wondered why their junker was in the lot. They quickly but subtly hustled up the stairs to the third floor and found Neville’s door. Nik tricked the door into opening, but it went into security diagnostic mode. The others secured the room while Nik skillfully rerouted the alert signal and kept the alarm from going off.

With Kairess’s gentle prodding, a terrified Neville was talked into grabbing his belongings and heading out with the group. They guided him swiftly down to the vehicle, retrieved Astarte’s motorcycle, and escaped Vodamesto without further incident.

Kairess was beginning to successfully interrogate Neville when a rocket slammed into the ground just in front of Bessie, dealing catastrophic damage to the vehicle’s engine and drivetrain. Quinn tried to stabilize her, but ended up flipping her up on her side. Astarte slew her motorcycle to a stop as her companions pulled themselves out. High caliber rifle fire thudded into the motorcycle and remains of Bessie as a massive firefight began.

Challenging Skill Uses


  • Detection 3
  • Read People 2
  • Computer Technology 3
  • Ground Vehicles 1
  • Rifles/Shotguns 2


  • Detection 1
  • Gather Information 1
  • Computer Technology 1
  • Pistols/SMGs 4
  • Stealth 1


  • Gather Information 1
  • Manipulation 2
  • Read People 3
  • Being 2
  • Elemental 1
  • Creation 1
  • Deliverance 2


  • Detection 1
  • Ground Vehicles 3
  • Stealth 1
  • Read People 3

CDP Gain: 160 (Total: 2665)



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