Tomb Inscription 1

Here lies, lovingly preserved forever,
One of Hezeranza’s long, noble line.
Life and love to the Cause given over,
Only Death’s final touch would bend his spine.

His works and his mind were carved from metal,
With no flesh to temper his grand vision
And history’s course he did unsettle
At the cost of his entire Division.

Through his progeny was our line secured
So that all the bloodlines might reunite,
An overwhelming victory assured
Over those who scheme in this blighted night.

To those who come after, one last request:
Honor the life this hero once possessed.


Provided by the information broker in Pueblo Junta with an attached note: “I tried to keep to the spirit of the text as best I could, but some of the concepts don’t translate very directly.”

Tomb Inscription 1

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